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Wabi Sabi side table, 1960

Wabi Sabi side table, 1960

[SOLD] Rustic and honest side table in solid oak. It holds all the elements of the Japanese wabi sabi life philosophy: it is about lean and less, the beauty of imperfection, incompleteness and the power of transiency. 


A central element in Wabi Sabi is nature and the process of growing older. It translates into open-mindedness and peace, reflection and silence. In this stage matter has long lost it's shine. Happiness is no longer depending on this. Wabi Sabi is the acceptance that nothing stays the same. Everything changes and will end in a certain point in time.


Back to this interesting side table... Have a closer look and discover all the elements of the wabi sabi philosophy.


Lenght: 58cm

Width: 38cm

Height: 30cm

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