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Constructivist chair by Elly van Hoof, the Netherlands

Constructivist chair by Elly van Hoof, the Netherlands

[SOLD] A rare constructivist chair reminiscent of the designs by the Dutch movement "De Stijl". A design true to the Orthogonal system with only horizontal and vertical surfaces and lines.


A collectors item!

It is designed and made in the eighties by designer/architect Elly van Hoof. She has worked with Huub Branderhorst Architects Avb. making all the models for Branderhorst's buidling designs. This chair is one of only 5 ever manufactured. One stayed with Elly van Hoof while the remaining four were sold.


It is constructed without any nails or screws. The clever construction in combination with the playful interaction between lines and surfaces is where enineering meets design.


It still is in excellent condition and totally solid. Rare! Will be delivered including proof of authenticity.


Height: 93cm

Seat height: 43cm

Width: 52cm

Depth: 54cm

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