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Table lamp Bissa by Gino Vistosi, Italy 1968

Table lamp Bissa by Gino Vistosi, Italy 1968

[SOLD] Stunning and rare table lamp in mouth blown black murano glass by Vistosi. This is an early edition.


Vistosi lamps are created by a team of renowned international designers. Their products ar considered to be of the best available quality in the world. Each and every detail of their lamps is masterfully created by experts who strive for nothing than the best.


History . . .

In 1791 Gio-Batta Vistosi is appointed Gastaldo dell'Arte - head of the glass makers' guild - and becomes the delegate of the furnaces' owners in Murano.

The decline of the Venetian Republic and the riots among the workforce mark a long dark period in the artistic glass production. During this century many furnaces shut down for good and the Art seems to fade. It's not until 1945 that Guglielmo Vistosi opens up a new furnace in Murano. During the 1950's, under the guidance Guglielmo's grandchildren, the Vistosi production starts to focus on lighting items, achieving a considerable success. The decisive move towards success is to tie the production to the most famous designers of the time such as Gae Aulenti, Ettore Sottsass, Adalberto Dal Lago, etc. In 1989 Moretti, a businessman from Murano with a long experience in the glass sector acquires the prestigious brand, giving birth to Vetreria Vistosi. Until this present day, highly skilled craftsmen create the most exciting glass lamps in the world.


The handcrafted products of every single piece is unveiled by imperceptible differences on the surface.


This Bissa lamp is in prefect condition with no scratches or damages to the glass! Checked by us and in full working order. Can be used with LED bulb.


Height: 30cm

Width: 20cm

Depth: 20cm

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