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Space Age coffee table with elephant legs, 1960

Space Age coffee table with elephant legs, 1960

[SOLD] Remarkable coffee table with an attitude: three brutal legs give this table a lot of presence. Designed in the style so typical for the Space Age '60s & '70s. No line is straight in this design. With its inviting shape it is true to the modernist designs of that era.


What makes this table so interesting? First, the odd number of legs (three instead of four). Second, the oversized legs, like the legs of an elephant. Third, the glass top rather fits into the legs than rest upon them. Finally, it is also the way the bended wood ring supports the glass top all round and interconnects the legs.


In very good condition with virtually no marks on the white paint. The green glass top is almost scratch free bar some light user marks.


Diameter: 90cm

Height: 31cm 

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