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Ribbon by Claire Norcross, UK 2004

Ribbon by Claire Norcross, UK 2004

[SOLD] A table or bedside lamp constructed of sheet metal that has been shaped like a ribbon with no end. High gloss black finish. It was designed by Claire Norcross and produced by Habitat (UK).


Claire Norcross is an award winning lighting designer form the UK. She does not use computer aided design. For the Ribbon she was inspired by the art of papercraft by Hiroshi Ogawa. The simplicity and elegance of a loop of paper appealed to her. The development from that point was how to make it stand up. She made a small model in paper and added some folds and creases and there it was: the Ribbon.


This particular example is in very good condition with almost no wear to the high gloss finish. Fully functional. Switch in the cord.


Height: 50cm

Width: 27cm

Depth: 33cm

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