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Rare desk lamp 'Concorde' by Yves Christin, 1970

Rare desk lamp 'Concorde' by Yves Christin, 1970

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Here we have a sublime design clearly based on the Concorde airplane, hence its name. Designed by Yves Christin and produced by Antonangeli Illuminazione, Italy.


In the sixties the exploration of the universe lead to the first attempt to travel to the moon; a frantic race between East and West unfolded. In design this era is referred to as the "Space Age era" with its specific interior design language as a result.


In the year 1969, the Apollo 11 was launched and Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon {"That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind"). But in that very same year the Concorde supersonic airplane made its debut as well: an ambitious joint venture by the French and the British goverment to travel at supersonic speeds. In its turn, the unique design of the Concorde inspired the French designer Yves Christin to create this desk lamp with a clear reference to the Concorde design. A supersonic desk lamp with its roots in the Space Age era!


It is quite rare that a Concorde desk lamp pops up for sale. The body is mounted on a circular heavy steel base that allows the lamp to swivel 360 degrees in both directions. The Concorde-like nose cone houses a reflector and an halogen light bulb. A red toggle switch turns the light on and off.


This specific one is in excellent condition, totally original and ready to fly... Buckle up for a piece of design history!


Height: 39cm

Width: 70cm

Diameter base: 18cm



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