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Lounge chair Ekstrem by Terje Ekstrøm, Norway 1984

Lounge chair Ekstrem by Terje Ekstrøm, Norway 1984

[SOLD] The unconventional geometry of Ekstrem™️ provides the freedom to sit in a wide variety of positions. Whether you opt for a forward-facing stance with your feet planted on the ground, a sideways pose with your legs resting on the armrests, or a completely backward orientation with the front of your torso against the chair's back, the resulting sitting experience is truly extraordinary.


The Ekstrem chair is an open framework constructed of fabric-covered foam over a steel frame. The chair consists of two identical mirror-facing steel frames which are covered by polyurethane foam. This provides a soft support layer covering all surfaces of the chair. The upholstery fabric is then manually fitted resulting in an extraordinarily eye-catching piece of furniture.


Total height: 79cm

Seat height: 43cm

Width: 72cm

Depth: 70cm

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