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Large Raak Cascade lamp, Amsterdam 1960

Large Raak Cascade lamp, Amsterdam 1960

[SOLD] Spectacular hanging lamp from Raak Amsterdam, 1960's. This model is also known as "Cascade" and was made during the heydays of Raak. The quality of Raak products is unsurpassed. The Cascade is made of thick bent steel that has been heavily chromed and polished. The space age design is typical for this era as is the use of the colour orange.


There is a pleasantly balance in its futuristic design that can be altered by lengthening or shortening each of the six pendants to your own liking and situation. Thus you can create your own set up. The maximum lenght of the cords is approximately 1 meter.


Raak was established in 1954 by Carel Lockhorn at the Prinsengracht 777 in Amsterdam (the Jordaan). His company would become one of the most leading lighting producers of the 20th century. Raak's tagline was "Enlightened architecture".

In 1974 Carel Lockhorn sold his company to ITT but continued as director until 1977. In 1980 Raak merged with BIS Lighting and moved to Aalsmeer. In 1986 ITT bought Raak back and made it an independant brand again.

In 1999 the company merged with Artilite B.V. and the new company was named CLA (Centre for Light Architecture). CLA was based in Drachten (Friesland) and was established by lighting architect Egbert Keen. On May 19, 2011 the CLA went bankrupt.

And that marked the end of a leading brand that supplied the world with the most beautiful lighting designs. Not surprisingly, Raak lamps are highly collectible nowadays.


This Cascade is in very good condition. The ceiling plate is without damage, all the chrome is spotless, the orange paint on the pendants shows some minor wear. Totally original and checked by us. Of course, the nine bulbs (E14) are included.


Height: 135cm max

Diameter: 34cm

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