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Kompas by B. Lodder for Raak, the Netherlands 1972

Kompas by B. Lodder for Raak, the Netherlands 1972

[SOLD] Raak is well known for attracting international architects and designers alike to design light objects for them. This resulted in a plethora of interesting and advanced lamp designs. All products were skilfully produced by Raak's inhouse craftsmen.


This exciting lamp, the Kompas (Compass), officially known as model B1280, is an outstanding example of design in combination with craftsmanship. The name is derived from the cardanic way this lamp can be moved around (like a compass) thus resulting in both an uplighter, downlighter or playfully on its side. The pendant makes it ideal for hanging above a dining table.


In very good condition with virtually no signs of age. No damages. Cleaned, checked and in fully working order. Ready to be admired!


Height: 105 - 165cm from the ceiling

Diameter: 50cm




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