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Industrial desk lamp by Ferdinand Solere, Paris 1950

Industrial desk lamp by Ferdinand Solere, Paris 1950

€ 375,00Price

Elegant industrial desk lamp by the french Ferdinand Solere. It features an extendable arm and the metal shade can be put in different angles.


Solere was an industrial designer and produced his lamps in his atelier on Rue Fontaine au Roi 29 in Paris. Ferdinand-Simon (Antoine) Solere has registered an impressive 37 patents between 1927 and 1979. He designed and produced a large number of machines, instruments and lamps. What makes his creations so interesting, is that they have in one way or the other very pleasant esthetics, although being designed for industrial purposes.


This edition is quite rare because of the use of brass instead of anodised aluminium. It gives this lamp an even more sophisticated appearance. The contrast between the brass and the black enamel is simply wonderful.


A nice piece of french design history.


This lamp is 70 years old and has never been restored. It shows a charming patina. Some flaws on the black paint and a vague distortion of the lamp shade (see photos). At some point in time someone has installed a light switch in the electrical cord, probably due to a failure in the original switch.


In working order electrically as well as mechanically.


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