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Large hanging lamp by Orsjö Industri, Sweden 1960's

Large hanging lamp by Orsjö Industri, Sweden 1960's

[SOLD] An impressive hanging lamp by the Swedish company Orsjö Industri AB and another top notch product of Scandinavia!

Curved lines that flow from top till bottom enclosed by a black inward curved ring. Thanks to its clever design one single light source provides all the necessary light, upwards and downwards, while the bulb itself stays invisible from any angle. An ideal lamp over a dining table.


Based in the south east of Sweden, Orsjö's history as a lamp manufacturer goes back to 1952 when they were asked by Ingvar Kamprad to produce a range of wall lights. Over the years they have been attracting many scandinavian designers like Mats Teselius, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Formbyrå 4 and Jonas Bohlin. Beginning of 2000 the Orsjö Industri was re-branded Orsjö Belysning and they produce quality lamps until this day.


This lamp is in very good condition. The satin black ring is unmarked, the brass in very good condition with only light discolourisation on the top half. Original makers label.


Height lamp: 39cm

Lengt cable: 110cm

Diameter: 36cm

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