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Garden Egg chair GN 01 by Peter Ghyzcy, 1968

Garden Egg chair GN 01 by Peter Ghyzcy, 1968

[SOLD] The Garden Egg chair (model name GN 01) was designed by the Hungarian émigré Peter Ghyczy, who started his working career as chief designer for the polyurethane factory 'Elastogran GmbH' in Lemförde (West Germany). He was responsible for setting up the Design department, developing model polyurethane products. One of his very first designs was the so called 'Garden Egg' chair in 1968. The design incorporates features typical of the period: a space age look , UFO-like form, modern material, bright colours, portability and the informal lounging quality of the low seat.


Behind the story of the chair's mass production also lies a fascinating tale of east-west relations. The company in Lemförde produced only a couple of chairs while testing the new material polyurethane. However, the company decided to mass produce the chair in East Germany as the production was much cheaper there. Although such a decision was not unique, officially industrial exchange between capitalist West Germany and socialist East Germany was not acknowledged. The license to produce the chair was sold to the VEB Synthesewerk Schwarzheide close to the city of Senftenberg. The latter gives the chair its other name, the 'Senftenberg Egg'. Officially, one third of their production was for the West German market, the rest for East Germany and for export. However, for the general consumer in East Germany, the chair was more or less unaffordable as its price, 430 Deutsch Mark, was about the same as a month's salary. The production of the chair stopped after only 2 or 3 years as the lacquering remained problematic, yet the chair became an iconic 'east' German product, due to its popularity in trade shows and exhibitions.


The 'Garden Egg' chair by furniture designer Peter Ghyczy was acquired by the Victoria & Albert museum in London as an exhibit for the Autumn 2008 exhibition: Cold War Modern: Art and Design in a Divided World, 1945-75. The V&A acquired the chair directly from the designer.


This specific chair is finished in dark purple with green fabric. It is of an early production date since it has the metal hinge. It remains in very good condition with some age related marks. There are no cracks or defaults in the PU. The upholstery is in very good and condition as well.


Height (with lid open): 102cm

Seating height: 32cm

Width: 70x80cm

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