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Coffee table 'JULIAN' by artist Ka-Lai Chan, 'The Ordinary Family 1.0'

Coffee table 'JULIAN' by artist Ka-Lai Chan, 'The Ordinary Family 1.0'

€ 975,00Price


This work is part of a series of furniture titled “The Ordinary Family” (2012) by international award winning Ka-Lai Chan. This furniture collection, consisting of five pieces, is a carefully selected and modified group of used furniture and is partly inspired by stories of the designer’s own family or observations of families around her. The furniture family includes a rocking horse, a coffee-table, a praying chair, a classical side table and the ‘No Sign of Design’ chair.


Chan creates frozen moments that can be interpreted as points in the personal lives of members of a family. The collection represents a common human family. However, what we do not know is, as with real families, each family itself has their own secrets and taboos.



The spectacle of recycled plastic on the coffee-table melting through the tabletop was inspired by a parent, who cannot resist the temptation of alcohol and drugs, which “drag” him down into a colorful, almost psychedelic depth.


This coffee table is a unique art piece (one-off) that has been exhibited during many international manifestations and art events, lastly in art gallery Judy Straten (NL). We were allowed to acquire it through our specialist network and we are proud to be able to offer it for sale at Mister Parker.


In black wood with pieces of crushed plastic, recycled from coloured PET bottle caps. In excellent condition.


Lenght: 150cm

Width: 55cm

Height: 42cm



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